Biomechanics Camp

General Information

STREAMLINE Biomechanics Swim Camp is a great opportunity for High School, year-round Club, DASA, YMCA, and TAAF Swimmers age 8-17! It is recommended, but not required, that swimmers have competitive experience prior to attending. The camp focuses entirely on swim technique improvement through visual learning and deep deliberate practice with the aid of state-of-the-art underwater cameras and instant replay video. Swimmers will do lots of drills and technique workshops, yet no conditioning sets! Naturally, Camp STREAMLINE does not interfere with regular club/school/team practice. Campers are encouraged to attend their regular club/school/team practice during the week in which they attend the camp.

Most STREAMLINE camp sessions are about 18 hours long and 4 days x 4.5 hours or 5 x 3.5 hours. The camp fee is $309. Several topics will be covered in each camp session. Each topic will be introduced in the classroom with a presentation, which includes swim videos and pictures.  


After the classroom, campers take the newly acquired theory to the pool to put the new material into practice.  Cameras, monitors, and instant replay technology placed on the deck near the water allow swimmers to watch them selves swim the moment they finish their drill in the water, which makes learning more efficient and effective. Pool time consists of progressions, technique drilling, and skill correction with the aid of instant replay video.  Swimmers can snack during any of the classroom periods (please bring a healthy snack & drink from home). If time allows, the camp day will conclude with a fun activity, such as a game, use of diving boards, bungee coards, underwater obstacle course, or relays. 



For most STREAMLINE sessions one of the classroom hours is reserved for a guest speaker, usually an Olympic medalist.  From its inception, has been lucky to enjoy guest visits from both Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Berube and Olympic Silver Medalist Martina Marovcova. Campers can enjoy the Olympian’s speech, obtain an autograph, and have their picture taken with him/her.



2015 Camp Schedule







CAMP Session 1

STROKE MECHANICS: For Free & Back      


June 15-19     


7:30 - 11:00am

CAMP Session 2

STARTS & TURNS: For Free & Back


June 15-19


12:30 - 4:00pm


CAMP Session 3


$309 June 22-26 Grapevine 7:30 - 11:00am

CAMP Session 4

STARTS & TURNS: For Breast & Fly

$309 June 22-26 Grapevine 12:30 - 4:00pm