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Join Coach Mastebroek at STREAMLINE Texas Swim Camps to experience a unique technique-focused swim camp. You will get lots of opportunities to watch yourself swim in both above- and underwater video and use this visual feedback to improve your technique. You will get an understanding of why Olympians are so fast and learn from their technique mastery. Example contrasting a developing swimmer’s freestyle technique to that of an Olympic champion:

Camp STREAMLINE is open to children ages 7-16 that know how to swim. This means that lower-level rec swimmers with little or no competitive experience as well as highly competitive club swimmers are welcome. At STREAMLINE we group campers by age and level. Each group enjoys a low camper-to-coach ratio and receives appropriate programming based on needs. The younger/lower-level groups typically focus more on technique basics and older/higher-level groups on technique refinement.


At each day of each camp session, we use four 40” monitors on the pool deck. We set up four above- and underwater cameras around the pool that feed into the four monitors. This allows for non-stop video recording with delayed playback which accelerates learning tremendously. SWIMMERS LEARN QUICKER WHEN THEY CAN WATCH THEMSELVES SWIM. The way this works is: The camera records ‘life’ and nonstop, but the playback is delayed, by about 15 seconds. This allows swimmers to perform a swim skill in front of the camera, climb out of the water, and watch on the monitor what they just did 15 seconds earlier. They then go back in line and repeat until the desired improvement is achieved.



With four cameras at different spots in the pool, we can have four groups of campers work on technique with video feedback at the same time. This allows for individualization: At each of the four camera stations, small groups can work on skills—whether it is a stroke , start, or turn skill—that fit their needs without having to do the same thing as the other groups. Moreover, additional individualization within the small group is possible at each video station.



We are excited to use new software that splits the screen into four quarts which allows for quadruple visual feedback. This is especially useful for starts and turns practice. The speed and the non-repetitive nature of starts and turns make it harder to ‘catch’ imperfections when you watch yourself perform the skill. Our new software solves this problem by allowing you to watch yourself perform the same skill four times in a row.




Campers attend daily classroom-type sessions involving presentations and watching swim videos. We own an extensive video library of swim technique videos, including split screen video showing above- and underwater action simultaneously. The advantage of our split screen videos is that we no longer have to toggle between underwater videos and above-water videos, which makes the teaching and learning process more efficient. In addition to learning about technique and based on age/level, campers also learn about other swimming-related topics such as race strategies and breathing strategies.



A full-day camp wouldn’t be complete without some down time and games. Typically, younger campers need more down time than older campers due to variations in attention span. Games may differ per location depending on equipment available. For example, campers have access to a water obstacle course (see picture below) at the Pleasant Glade Grapevine pool, but not at the other locations. At other locations different equipment will be available.



Our full-day camp sessions include a visit by an Olympian. The visit includes a motivational speech with a Q & A round and a viewing of his/her Olympic race. Campers can have their picture taken with the Olympian and obtain an autograph. Some Olympians bring their Olympic medal(s) to camp and allow campers to wear them in the picture.



Campers have access to swim-specific equipment, such as underwater mirrors, fulcrum paddles, and hip blades to help grasp technique concepts.


All campers (all sessions) receive a STREAMLINE t-shirt, videos of themselves swimming, and a stroke recommendations report (included in camp fee).