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 My child is a TAGS club swimmer. Is he too fast for this camp?

No, we have had many TAGS swimmers attend our camp. We have had many TAGS swimmers that improved their stroke/start/turn/underwater techniques. We divide the group up into smaller groups based on age or level. We normally have enough higher level swimmers to form one or more sub group(s) with level-appropriate programming. 

 My child is 8, loves to swim, but has never been on a swim team. Is this camp appropriate for her?

Yes, as long as your daughter has passed a multi-level swim lesson program, she can attend this camp. She will be grouped with kids of similar age or at similar levels. The programming for less advanced kids is different from programming for higher-level competitive swimmers, typically more playful and a heavier focus on technique basics. All sub groups have equal access to our video stations for accelerated learning and technique improvement. 

 Besides a swimsuit and towel, what does my swimmer need to bring to camp?

We recommend bringing a cap and a pair of goggles. A good pair of fins is also recommended. Fins are very useful for stroke technique, especially for lower-level swimmers. With the extra propulsion of the fins they can focus more on sharpening their stroke technique and less on staying on the surface. We strongly recommend bringing sunblock and/or a UV swim shirt to Session 5 and Session 6 since these sessions take place at an outdoor pool.


 Will lunch be provided or does my swimmer have to bring her own lunch?

We order pizza for lunch which campers can buy by the slice for a small fee. Campers are welcome to bring their own lunch to camp at any session. We do not provide drinks, so please make sure that your camper brings enough liquid to camp.

 My son is 9 and still very playful. Is this camp too serious for him?

No, we have had many playful younger kids at this camp and we group them together. Practically all kids love the video station where they can watch themselves swim because it helps them understand what they need to do to improve. We are used to seeing even the youngest most playful kids get engaged with technique work with the use of delayed video playback for visual feedback. In addition, our sub groups receive different programming based on age and level. For the younger and more playful groups this means shorter swim sessions, more breaks, and more games.

 My daughter is 15, will she be stuck with a bunch of little kids in this camp?

No, we divide the group into smaller groups based on age and level. Your daughter will be in a sub group with kids compatible in age or level. In the rare case that your daughter’s camp session does not have any other older registrants, we will contact you so that you have the option to cancel registration or transfer to another camp session.


 Does this camp have lifeguards on duty?

Yes, we have lifeguards on duty—safety first.


 We are interested in signing both our children up for the Streamline Camp. Do you offer a sibling discount?

No, we currently don’t offer sibling discounts.


 Other than the time difference, what are the differences between the half day and full day camp options?

Half day camp is only available in Grapevine (session 6). This session is limited to mostly technique work with the use of delayed video playback for visual feedback. For the full swim camp experience, which also includes conditioning, games, and meeting an Olympic medalist, we recommend signing up for the full day session. The water obstacle course is unique to Session 5, the full day session in Grapevine, and will not be used in session 6, the half day session in Grapevine, or any other session.

 Will my swimmer meet the Olympian if I sign her up for just two camp days?

The two-day camp sessions are hit or miss with regards to the Olympian’s visit. We usually have to be flexible when booking Olympians because of their limited availability and we cannot with certainty state on which day the Olympian will visit the camp.    


 I am trying to decide whether to sign my son up for 2 days or all four days. If I sign him up for just two days, will all strokes be covered?

No, not necessarily. We write comprehensive programs for our groups based on 4 days of camp. Swimmers that sign up for the two day option will either receive the first half or the second half of those programs. Within that we do what we can to individualize, but we cannot run completely different programs for our two-day campers. The first two days are more freestyle and backstroke focused while the third and fourth days are more breaststroke and butterfly focused. Our 4-day program also includes starts, turns, and underwater skills (streamline, dolphin kick, pullout, and breakout) for the different strokes.