Streamline Texas Swim Camps Streamline Texas Swim Camps


STREAMLINE started out as a fun 2-week project in the summer of 2010, when founder and former European Champion, Marieke Mastebroek, flew her old Dutch coach, Anton Koekkoek, and a world-class biomechanic, Wieger Mensonidus, in from Europe to work on technique with some of the fastest club swimmers in North Texas.

Consequently, many swim parents showed interest in this type of technique training for their swimmers. At regular team practice, time constraints and large group sizes often stand in the way of thorough, deliberate technique work. STREAMLINE camps promised to fill this gap.

The following summer, STREAMLINE offered its first series of technique swim camps for kids at all levels—from rec swimming to the highest level club levels. All of the eight one-week camp summers offered that summer sold out. STREAMLINE was on the map as a high quality, technique-focused, high-tech swim camp, perhaps the first and only one in its category.

STREAMLINE continued its success the following years and added several Elite sessions featuring Olympic guest coaches, including International Hall of Fame Coach, Paul Bergen, and Cullen Jones’ coach, Ed Nessel.